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Oliver! will be November 3,4,5,10,11

Frosty Follies will be December 15-17

Once Upon A Mattress, Ages 5-13 will be February 16-18

Phantom of the Opera will be April 12,13,4,19,20

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Oliver will perform November 3,4,510,11

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Our group is also interested in offering a performance opportunity to young people with challanges. If you have a child with developmental differences, autism spectrum disorder, or differently abled and are interested in a performance opportunity, Please complete link below.This has been an ongoing goal and we are trying to determine the interest in such a performance opportunity! Thank you! It is our belief that theatre has the ability to enrich the lives of all young people, and thus their families!
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Seeking adult directors who like to work with large numbers!! Do you have a show in mind? Submit a proposal and resume.
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