Who We Are: a 501c3 organization, tax EIN 38-3395468, founded in 1998.
We are located in Trenton Michigan and the Trenton Village Theatre, 2447 West Jefferson, Trenton MI 48183 is our “home.”

Our goal is the positive development of young people through experiences in the arts.

DYPAC is the abbreviation for Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center. A state-of-the-art performance center, focusing on youth, is our dream. It is our hope that through teamwork and determination this dream may be turned into a reality. This dream is based on the belief that there is a need for a quality facility in the Downriver area, and the fact that there is an abundance of talent in the youth of Downriver. The existence of a program focusing on youth will help the adult programs flourish and grow.

A theatre group has been created which is thought to be the beginning brick of this larger dream. The existence of a theatre group will allow the communities to see the talent existing and will allow funds to be accumulated to further this goal. The creation of this theatre group is in no manner designed to compete with any existing group. The goal is for our facility to be all inclusive.

We have a group of talented and dedicated individuals who have made a commitment to try and achieve this dream. We expect this journey to be a long and probably difficult one, but we also expect much fun and friendship.

We hope you will consider joining DYPAC and will pledge your support. If you would like to receive information about upcoming events, please email dypac@dypac.com with your name and mailing address to be added to our interest list.

Our Goal
The positive development of young people through experiences in the arts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a complete state-of-the-art performance and learning center which will allow all Downriver youth to experience, learn, teach and perform in a variety of artistic areas; also to provide exceptional entertainment and a completely inclusive multipurpose facility for the entire Downriver community.

What We Do

* Develop individuals through theatrical and creative experiences.

* Provide a positive, purposeful environment for children from all the Downriver Communities.

* Provide a positive peer group for children of all ages to interact in the spirit of cooperation and respect.

* Bring families and individuals from the communities together in the spirit of creativity and community enrichment.

* Support charity and community events through our outward expression of performing arts entertainment.

* Provide potential career paths in a variety of technical and artistic areas such as lighting, sound, stage management, set design, costuming, vocal direction and choreography.

* Allow young minds the opportunity to explore and express their furthest emotional and creative abilities and instill in them a sense of self worth.

Board of Directors

* President РDr. Noel W. Jackson.    jackson@jacksondds.com

Administrator: Debra Jackson. dypac@dypac.com 734-673-9507

* Vice President – Kurt Sebaly
Penrickton Center
* Secretary – Barb Gratton-Clark
* Treasurer Pro Tem- Barbara Gratton-Clark
* Business Manager/Administrator – Debra Jackson dypac@dypac.com or 734.673.9507
Board of Directors:

    • * Audra Baas
      * Karen Connor
      * Victoria Morgan
      * David Overholt
    • * Karen Rutkowski
    • * Barbara Rzucidlo
      * David Rzucidlo
      * Mishell Schutt
      * Patrick Yaeger
      * Mary Zaleski

Organizations We Belong To

* Communty Theatre Association of Michigan (CTAM)

* Downriver Council for the Arts (DCA)

* American Association of Community Theater (AACT)

* Artserve

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if you wish to be added, please contact dypac@dypac.com

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