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All who auditioned for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat were cast. Give Miss Mary a hug!
Parent meeting is 6:30 Thursday at the Trenton Village Theatre. Parents please come and learn important information and actors please also attend for a read-thru. Participation Fee of $90 is due along with $15 annual 2019 membership if not a 2019 member!

Click Here to See Cast List
Remember, ALL of the members in a cast are important and valued!
If you have any questions or need to relay information please text or call Karen Rutkowski at 734-771-7945.
Or you can always email and your message will be delivered to whomever needs to know the information or to respond.!

Aladdin Jr. Performances are February 15& 16 @ 7pm and Feb. 17 @ 2pm Tickets available by selecting ticket link.

Show dates are February 15-17 at Trenton Village Theatre
Tickets are $10-$15 Please click Ticket link to order tickets

We are also having Be Awesome! Deadline to register is January 16 January 26th 7pm. Rehearsals are on January 20 and 24 in evening. A minimum of 15 acts are needed to do this show! All Welcome! Be Awesome is a show where anyone, any age ( although those under 5 must have a parent stay at ALL rehearsals and performances) Families are welcome, or adults! YOU pick what you would like to perform- a duo, a trio, a group- a song, a dance, an instrumental, a puppet show, a skit, etc. Each performer will pay $10 to perform. Miss Mary coordinates this performance. This is YOUR opportunity to command the stage as you dream of!

Click Here to register for Be Awesome

Click Here to Register to Audition for Joseph Ages 13-19 and a small group of ages 9-12 age as of audition date
Click to open pdf of needed forms-

You may participate in BOTH Kong’s night out and Joseph. Directors are coordinating rehearsals and the first show up does receive your attendance for rehearsal. Joseph is a musical and Kong’s Night Out is a straight show.

Click Here for Kong Character Outline
Click Here for Kong’s Night OUt Workshop
Click Here to Register to Audition for Joseph Ages 13-19 and a small group of ages 9-12 age as of audition date“>Click Here to register for Kong’s Night Out auditions

Below are forms needed when student in a performance or workshop or summer program
Conflict Form updated 2018
DYPAC POWER of Attorney
Photographic Release

Students who may have autism, down syndrome, autism spectrum, or are differently abled and interested in a theatre/performance opportunity, we are collecting names so that we may pursue options! If interested, please complete this link and we will notify you when we have more information!
Click Here if Interested in Performance Opportunity for Differently Abled ages 5-19

Upcoming opportunities:

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,Directed by Mary Zaleski spring 2019 Ages 13-19(approx. 30) with choir of ages 9-12 of approx. 20 children
Kong’s Night Out-Directed by Dave Rzucidlo Ages 14-19 Cast of approx. 14 May 2019
Freaky Friday Directed by Liza Altenberg Ages 13-19 and one boy ages 9-12 with unchanged voice August 2019
Princess Whatsername Ages 9-12 Directed by Bailey Shaver August 2019

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