Summer Program

2017 Summer Program runs June 27 through August 5.  Final Performances are on August 3,4,5.  The 2017 schedule will be on-line as of April 1, 2017! The best way to get first alert information is to add your name to our mailing list! The program runs T,W,Th and is six weeks long. Children take same schedule of classes each day and fees are dependent upon number of classes.
Classes fill up as individuals register and some classes fill up faster than others!
If you have questions, please call Marci at 734-795-6805. Marci has the database and will be able to tell you which classes have openings at this late date. She works a 9-5 job and so it may take a few days for her to return your call. Thanks you for your understanding with our volunteers!
If you have a question, please email and it will be forwarded to Marci.

Summer Program classes are ongoing. Dates are June 27-August 5 2017
Teen Program is 2:45-5pm.
Classes for younger children are 8-6, and you select classes you desire based on your schedule.
Each class is held at the same time each T,W,Th so whatever you register for , you will attend each of those three days.
Miss Mary is the onsite director of the program. Debbie Jackson is the Administrator. Marci Ziliak is the database coordinator and secretary during the program. All of our instructors have background checks and are experienced in our DYPAC program. Instructors are adults and assistants are teens.

Classes are $75 and some have an additional material or script fee of $15.
There is a discount for courses greater than 4 for a single participant.
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your child’s place in the courses.
All children who register for a course will be in that course- this is a sign up-first come registration. Please contact Marci as above to find out about available openings. If a class does not allow you to register, please email to be added to wait list. Some classes fill up very quickly and some classes such as sewing have limited enrollment.

The 2017 digital catalogue will be online with the 2017 information! Enrollment is first come, first serve! Classes are in a variety of visual arts, theatre arts, dance, voice, guitar, and associated skills!

Please call Marci at 734 795-6805- she is the only person who has the current database and knowledge of openings!

Please note: Due to legal restrictions and protection of the privacy of our young performers, photographs of shows are not posted on the web. If you would like a personal link to any of our
past shows with a valid reason to access, please email and we will try and connect you with a link via an individual. Thank you for your understanding